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Signs That Indicate Your Spa Pump Needs a Replacement

by Jeanette Perez

Hot tubs have components and parts that experience wear and tear after being used regularly over time. Spa pumps are known to work the hardest, and if you have had a pump for a few years, you should observe if it is starting to make strange noises like banging or whistling. If you do, you might have to replace it. Instead of trying to repair an old pump, it is recommended to get a replacement. Repairs are expensive, and new ones are more efficient. Watch out for these signs to know  if your spa pump needs a replacement:

It Is Making Abnormal Sounds

This is a sign that can easily be noticed with aging spa pumps because the change in sounds is very obvious. When you are hearing strange sounds while you are in the spa, you need to have it checked if the noise suddenly increases or changes. If you hear humming noises even if there is no water flow, it is normally an indication of an electrical fault or pump seizure. Rumbling or squealing while the pump is running is normally a bearing failure.

Water Is Leaking

There are various reasons behind water leaks because it could be from an out-of-place pipe or an O-ring problem. If you think that it is the O-ring, you might be tempted to repair it yourself without hiring a company. This is actually not advisable because, with your spa, you want to make sure it is done right. Professionals are trained to deal with leaky pipe problems and replacing spa pumps so they will last longer.

Not Enough Water Pressure

The main function of spa pumps is to make the water flow towards the direction you want so that a particular effect is produced. This is like how time-pressure jets function, and if they are insufficient, the water pressure is lower. Before you think about replacing your spa pump, check if there is debris in your pump. Sometimes, debris could get in the way of the impeller, which affects water movement. In case you do not see debris, it is most likely that there is a damage in the pump that is affecting the water pressure. This is the time when you should contact a professional who replaces spa pumps.

Watch out for these specific signs to find out if you need a professional who specialises in replacing spa pumps. Aside from that, getting a new one might save you from a higher cost in the long run.