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4 Reasons Pool Owners With Dogs Should Pick Balustrades Over Glass to Create a Barrier

by Jeanette Perez

You can have a dog and you can have a pool, but you can't really have both without making sure there is some sort of barrier between them. Many homeowners are drawn to the idea of fitting glass-panelling around their pool, but this can come with many problems if you have a dog.

Here are just four reasons it's going to pay to use balustrades instead.

1. The Cleaning Factor

One of the most annoying things about using glass fencing is that it's incredibly hard to keep it looking its best. Both sides need to be constantly cleaned in order to remove smudges, dried drops of water, and other stains. Of course, things become even worse when you have a dog. Your furry-legged friend might make a great companion, but dogs aren't great shakes when it comes to cleanliness. They'll tend to lie with their bodies against the glass, paw it to try and get through, and, just for a little extra bit of fun, cover it with lick marks. This problem is made worse by the fact that many glass cleaners will make your dog sick if they start to lick them up. In stark contrast, balustrades barely require any cleaning.

2. The Confusion Factor

Dogs can be mighty smart, but, let's face it, they can also be pretty dumb. Glass panels can really throw your dog for a loop. There's this wonderful pool of water in which to frolic, the way seems clear, and yet there's also some kind of invisible force field barring entrance! It's enough to confuse even the cleverest of canines, and they may accidentally run into the glass or simply not understand its purpose. Balustrades might still frustrate your dog by barring entry to the pool, but they will at least understand the type of barrier being used.

3. The Breakage Factor

That whole running into the glass thing can be traumatic for your pet, and it can also cause damage to the panelling itself. The glass used for fencing is obviously going to be pretty strong, and something like a Chihuahua isn't going to do much damage, but a large dog can really make its mark. Any replacements or repairs are going to be expensive, so people with dogs are better off going for balustrades.

4. The Shade Factor

Finally, consider the fact that it's nice to give your dog somewhere to lie out of the sun. Though dogs can enjoy catching some rays, it's quite hard for them to regulate their body temperature, especially if they were bred to live in cooler parts of the world. Glass provides no level of shade, but balustrades can be made quite thick to provide welcome spots of shade for your pooch.