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Two Pool Renovations You Can Make To Protect Young Kids

by Jeanette Perez

Moving into a new home with a pool right before the summer is going to make you number one parent in your children's eyes. However, before the temperatures do warm up to a point swimming can take place, take a look at your pool through your child's eyes. Was it built with adults or children in mind? There are two main pool renovations you can make to your pool right now to keep your children a lot safer once swimming season rolls around.

Pool Exit Points

A pool designed with adults in mind normally only has one exit point located at one end of the pool. However, to increase the chances of your child being able to get out if the pool quickly if they get into difficulty, you must have an exit point accessible to them at both ends of the pool.

You have two options to add an extra exit point in your pool. One option is to empty the pool to have a permanent set of stairs added by a pool contractor. You cannot make new concrete steps with water present as they will not set. Alternatively, you can purchase a pool ladder from your pool supplier and bolt this onto the wall of your pool. The benefit of this choice is it can be removed at a later date once your kids are older and no longer need a secondary exit option.

Altering The Deep Area Drop Off Point

Another concern when you have children is the angle of the slope that separates the pool between the shallow and deep ends. Some pools have a gradual slope between the two areas, and this is good because your child will realise as they walk down it that the height of the water is rising against their body. However, some pools have a step-down between the two areas, and this is dangerous for a young child who moves forward and suddenly realises there is nothing beneath their feet.

To remove this safety issue, drain the pool and arrange for your pool contractor to change the step-down to a gradual slope. They will remodel the base of the pool by chipping away the sharpness of the step-down area. They will then place concrete in the bottom of the pool to create a new slope, and this will then be coloured so it matches the balance of the pool base. If the swimming pool base needs painting, now is the perfect time to get the whole thing done at once for a perfect colour match.

Having a pool to enjoy during summer is fun, but you will have less concern about your child's safety if you consider these two points before they start swimming. A pool renovator can give you a quote to make these changes once they have visited your home and discussed your specific needs with you.