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Different Tiles You Can Consider For Your Swimming Pool

by Jeanette Perez

One of the most crucial decisions that you have to make when having a swimming pool constructed on your property is the type of tiles to use. Some homeowners tend to make the mistake of simply selecting the cheapest tile available to them. However, this may not be the most functional nor most aesthetic option to consider. When constructing a swimming pool, you have to put thought in your choice of tiles as not only will this affect the overall maintenance of the pool, but it will also affect the curb appeal of your property. Here are some of the different tiles you can consider for your swimming pool. 

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are one of the more common option available when selecting swimming pool tiles. The reason for their popularity is the easy installation they offer, thus translating into reasonably priced labour. Additionally, porcelain tiles do not require rigorous cleaning for them to stay attractive. It should be noted that porcelain tiles are not as strong as other tiling options. As such, they are highly susceptible to cracks and breaks. This could mean incurring repair costs in replacing these tiles on a regular basis. 

Glass tiles

If you are looking for a unique appearance for your swimming pool, glass tiles would be an ideal option to consider. One of the biggest advantages of glass tiles is the illusion of depth that they create. Since they are see-through, light reflects and refracts through them, which makes your swimming pool appear much deeper than it really is. In addition, glass tiles can come in a variety of colours and hues. This gives you the chance to make your pool have intense colouring, especially if you would like to make it look as blue as possible. It should be noted that glass tiles can be quite arduous to work. This may increase installation costs for your swimming pool. 

Brick tiles

If you are looking to create the appearance of a regal swimming pool rather than opt for modern designs, then brick tiles would be a great option to consider. Although brick tiles typically come in red, you are not limited to this colour. You can have the bricks painted in any colour you would want so as to ensure they match the overall theme colours of your home. It should be noted that brick tiles are naturally porous. As such, you need to ensure they are sealed before installation. Additionally, you would have to schedule regular resealing to prevent them from acquiring water damage over time.