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Important Considerations to Discuss Before Your Swimming Pool is Built

by Jeanette Perez

Your pool builder may have a lot of information to cover when it comes to the construction of your swimming pool, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't ask a few of your own questions as well. This will ensure that you choose the best pool for your family and your property and that you know what's involved with maintaining it over the years. Note a few things to consider and discuss with your contractor before your swimming pool is built.

1. Add-ons

You might only have the budget for a basic swimming pool right now, but will you be adding anything onto the pool in the coming years? This might be a diving board, a slide, a fire pit along one side, a waterfall, a hot tub and the like. If you know you'll want to upgrade with these features, be sure your contractor is leaving enough room to add them and to enjoy them comfortably and safely.

2. Filtering and pumps

Pool pumps move water through the filters at a certain rate, and you will need a filter that is designed to handle the amount of water in your pool.  For very large pools, you may even need two pumps and filters. This can add to the cost of maintaining your pool unless you choose a solar-powered pump. If you have your heart set on the largest pool you can fit onto your property, be sure you've discussed the operating costs of the pumps needed to keep it clean and your other options for powering those pumps.

3. Shed or storage

Will your contractor be building any type of shed to cover over the pump and other mechanisms of the pool? What about storage for the skimmer, vacuum and chemicals -- where will you put those when not in use? Your home's garage may be too far from the pool to easily access these items, and it may already be filled to capacity. Discuss your storage needs and options so this can be worked into the pool's overall design.

4. Appearance

You may be so excited about owning a pool that you never thought about how to enhance its appearance. You can usually do this by adding an aggregate to concrete to give it a bumpier texture and some color, or choose a vinyl pool with a decorative graphic on the pool floor. Colored lighting can also add some visual interest at night, or you might choose to surround the pool with a nice slate tile to make it look more upscale.